Myths About Winter Furnace Maintenance & Heating

winter furnace maintenance

Winter is quickly approaching and in some areas of Canada it’s already been here for a while. As winter rears its ugly head homeowners begin preparing their homes to keep them warm and battle winter at every turn. While it’s important to perform winter furnace maintenance and take care of certain things it’s also important to understand what works and what myths you should ignore about keeping your home warm in the winter. Here are a few winter furnace maintenance myths to ignore this winter.

Myth: Lower your heating bill by closing your vents and registers.

Most newer homes have forced-air heating systems, which are great at balancing the air pressure throughout your home by equally distributing heat to the various levels and rooms. By closing off vents and registers in specific rooms the pressure balance is thrown off. This causes your furnace to work much harder to heat your home than it needs to.

Myth: Setting your thermostat higher will heat up your home faster.

Regardless of the temperature, your thermostat is set at your furnace will heat up your home at the same consistent rate.  Basically, your heating system will just run until it reaches the desired temperature. The problem with this is that quite often people forget that they’ve set the temperature so high, and their furnace works extremely hard for an extended period. This creates unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace and increases your heating bills.

Myth: Lowering the thermostat while you’re not home is a waste of time.

Some people think that if they lower the temperature in their home while they’re out it will just cost additional money to reheat the house when they return, so they might as well keep it heated. This isn’t true. Reducing the temperature while you’re out will actually reduce your heating bill regardless of having to heat up your home again.

Myth: Winter furnace maintenance isn’t necessary.

If you don’t care about the efficiency of your furnace, lowering your energy bills, or replacing your furnace prematurely then don’t worry about winter furnace maintenance.

Winter furnace maintenance optimizes your furnace to run efficiently, it’s a great way to fix small problems before they become big ones, and it helps to keep your furnace healthy in the long run.

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