Saving Energy During The Winter

saving energy

You can hold onto summer as long as possible by layering under that stylish fall coat, but eventually you’ll realize that the heat is on in your home for a reason. Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere. While turning the heat on might be slightly depressing, it does present an opportunity for saving energy throughout the winter.

Keeping Your Home Warm & Saving Energy

The sun shines down on your home all day long, except when it’s cloudy, so why not harness some of its energy to heat your home. Let the sun shine into your windows and heat up the air in your home, but keep the curtains closed on the windows that aren’t sunny. Quality curtains will allow you to keep the heat in and block drafts from windows of any age. Proper insulation in your walls and around the windows will also help keep the natural heat in. Sealing doors and windows will help stop drafts, which can reduce the need to activate your heating system and help with saving energy and money.

When it comes to heating your home and saving energy while doing it, there are a number of different energy efficient solutions available. Typically, we recommend investing in the most suitable and energy efficient heating system you can. If it’s not a big central heating system then target the rooms you use the most. This will ensure that you spend as little as possible in the long term, even with a moderate investment upfront.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are somewhere that people don’t often think of when it comes to saving energy and saving money. However, a water heating system can account for up to 30% of your energy usage depending on your hot water usage. If you like long hot showers and baths then it will be significantly more than if you take quick showers and no baths. Insulating your unit and the hot water piping is a great way to save money on heating the water in your home. It also keeps it hotter when it’s being transferred to your taps from the tank itself.

Heated Towel Racks & Other Unique Heaters

Some luxuries like heated towel racks and in-floor heating might not appear to use a lot of energy, but the reality is that they do. They also typically run 24/7 and are in spaces that aren’t used that often. While you don’t have to abandoned these luxuries, installing timers or thermostats to keep them off while they’re not needed is an easy way for saving energy and money.

Whether you love the winter or hate it, there’s nothing you can do about the temperature outside, but you can certainly start saving energy inside. Every bit of energy you save directly translates to your energy bill. In a nutshell saving energy means saving money.

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