What Is A Red Tag?

red tag

If you’ve ever seen a product warning or a recall for one of our consumer goods in the past then you will understand what a red tag in the commercial HVAC industry is. A red tag is basically a product warning for one of your commercial gas appliances. This might be due to a recall, a malfunction or something that’s broken, but overall they mean that your appliance needs repairs or replacing.

Red tags are placed on commercial gas appliances by experts. These experts are licensed commercial HVAC technicians and if the issue is severe enough, they may have to turn off the gas to the appliance for the safety of the people in the building and the next technician to work on the gas appliance.

There’s More Than One Type Of Red Tag

The short answer is yes. There are actually 2 types of red tags. The first is called an “A”, which sounds pretty simple but it’s important to know the difference. “A” red tags are placed on appliances that are a threat to the safety of the people in the building and the building itself.

The other type of red tag is a “B”, and yes it’s another simple name but just as important. “B” red tags are an indication of unsafe conditions that often require fixing within a specific time period. This means that whether you have repairs or replacements to make they need to be addressed in the time indicated on the red tag of the gas to your building may be disabled by the city of Toronto or whatever municipality you reside in.

Whether you have an “A” or “B” red tag it’s important to quickly resolve the issues. The fastest way to have them fixed is to give us a call at 647-243-3570.

Why Is There A Red Tag On My Commercial Gas Appliance?

Red Tags are placed on commercial gas units or gas systems in your building when they are in need of repair or replacement.  It takes a licensed HVAC gas technician to identify a hazardous situation in order for a Red Tag to be issued. For example, if you have a commercial gas appliance or commercial gas system that’s leaking carbon monoxide gas then it may receive an “A” red tag due to the severity of the issue. Carbon monoxide gas can be deadly and the HVAC technician on site may have to turn off the gas in order to maintain a safe environment.

What Do I Do When I Receive A Red Tag?

The best thing you can do is call Phoenix Heating & Cooling: 647-243-3570. Our HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly and safely evaluate the situation and provide you with a resolution. That also means that you get a free estimate for the work that’s needed in order to resolve the problem. Whether that means expert HVAC repairs or the replacement of equipment you can count on Phoenix Heating & Cooling.