My Ductless Air Conditioner Is Broken

my ductless air conditioner is broken

Spring is about to arrive and that means we’re ready for all the calls and emails titled “My Ductless Air Conditioner is Broken”. It’s just that time of year and the follow up question we often get is, “why did this happen?”

To be completely honest, most of the time when a ductless air conditioner breaks down it’s because of a lack of maintenance. Sure, aging machines break more often and need replacing, but repairs to them can also be mitigated with regular maintenance.

Why?: My Ductless Air Conditioner Is Broken

Most people don’t think that their ductless air conditioner needs maintenance after the fall and winter, but that’s simply not true. You may not use it as heavily as you do in the summer, but it’s still generally used enough to warrant maintenance.

Think about it. Many people use their ductless air conditioners in the fall and winter to filter the air in their homes, cool down rooms when they get too hot (ie if you have the oven on), to circulate the air in their homes, or because they have a heat pump that serves as a supplementary heating source.

There are lots of reasons you turn your ductless air conditioner on in the winter, but regardless they all mean that maintenance should be a priority before heavy usage in the spring and summer.

Annual Ductless Air Conditioner Maintenance

An annual maintenance appointment for your ductless air conditioner will ensure that your filters are properly cleaned, that your components aren’t wearing out and that any small issues don’t become big problems.

Phoenix Heating & Cooling Can Help

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