Frozen Gutters In Toronto: When Winter Strikes

frozen gutters

While winter may have taken its time getting here, freezing weather can certainly impact your home. You might be familiar with ice storms knocking out power to homes or overworked furnaces and boilers breaking down, but frozen gutters can also affect homes in Toronto and GTA.

How do frozen gutters affect my home?

If you’re thinking something freezing outside your home can’t affect you, think again. Just like a frozen pipe can cause problems for you, frozen gutters can wreak havoc since they are so close to the roof. In some cases, a blocked gutter causes water to back up onto your shingles. Poorly installed shingles leave space for water to seep in. Simply put, even if ice makes its way into your shingles and attic, it will eventually melt. That means water in your attic, and water brings mold.

This is a worst-case scenario of course, but it’s important to know the aftermath of something simple. Checking your gutters never hurts.

Ice doesn’t scare me

Before you try to solve your frozen gutter problem, here are a couple of things to consider.

  • Hammer time
  • Hot water beats ice

Over the years, we’ve come to never underestimate a person’s resourcefulness. With that said, please don’t use a tool to try to break up the ice on your gutters. This might sound like a simple solution but often does more damage than good. We’ve seen plenty of damage done in the name of “good intentions”, so please don’t use a hammer or crowbar to shake off the ice.

One home remedy some people have tried includes hot water. This tends to get the job done fine but also can do more harm than good depending on the level of build-up. Hot water will melt the immediate area but could result in water going towards the downspout and refreezing. This will create the same problem as frozen gutters.

Patience or professionals?

After 30 years in the business of HVAC, we’ve seen plenty of examples of people trying to make home repairs. In the case of frozen gutters, the best course of action is to either wait it out or call a professional. As long as your roof is professionally installed and secure, waiting until spring for your gutters to thaw would be a good decision. Professionals do have the tools to handle frozen gutters, but a cold winter would just refreeze them as the season went on. There isn’t much a professional can do to ward off frozen gutters in the middle of winter. However, calling a professional for help and advice is always a smart move.

While there is no shortage of “professionals” in Toronto and the GTA available, we recommend doing your homework first. You’ll want to find someone who is knowledgeable and won’t just make repairs that won’t hold up in the long run. Phoenix Heating & Cooling has been taking care of customers for 30 years and we are always available to answer your questions. From protection plans for your furnace and boiler to repairs and maintenance, we’re always here. Contact us at 647-243-3570 to learn more and stay safe this winter.