Air Conditioning: 7 Benefits of Being Energy Efficient

air conditioning

When the hot months of summer shine down on your home, you’re forced to use more energy and push your air conditioning system to the limit to maintain a cool and comfortable environment for your family to enjoy. In older homes the cost of air conditioning can be quite high as they might have issues with insulation, poor ductwork, drafts near doors and windows, and a variety of other problems. In Toronto, York Region, and the GTA the costs associated with cooling your home are slowly increasing too, which is why it’s more important than ever to find energy-efficient cooling solutions. If you think that your home might be in line for an air conditioning upgrade then these 7 benefits for going with energy efficiency might be worth a read.

1. Lower Energy Bills

On average a household in Toronto and the GTA will spend about $2000 each year on their energy bills. Over half of that amount goes towards HVAC. In addition to high energy bills inefficient air conditioning can result in costs surrounding mounting repairs, ongoing maintenance, and high energy consumption.

When air conditioning units are certified as energy-efficient or are Energy Star certified can instantly reduce the amount you pay on your monthly energy bills. A new air conditioning unit will also reduce the number of repairs and amount of maintenance required annually.

2. Your Carbon Footprint

It’s easy to see and understand how high-efficiency air conditioning products can reduce your expenses, but they’re also better environmental choices. Older air conditioning units consume more energy than necessary and in turn produce more greenhouse gases. Switching to an energy-efficient model is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Air Conditioning & Climate Control

Energy-Efficient air conditioning units typically provide a homeowners with better ways to control the temperature in their homes. Programmable thermostats are not only a great way to reduce energy consumption, but also allow homeowners to set their HVAC appliances to run when they’re home and turn off when they’re not home.

4. Your Entire HVAC System

Now that you’ve got an energy-efficient AC system you can take a look at the rest of your HVAC system. It’s easy to further reduce cooling costs by sealing vents, insulating your ductwork, and a variety of other things. Working with an experienced and reputable HVAC company like Phoenix Heating & Cooling is the best way to improve the efficiency of your entire HVAC system.

5. Rebates! Rebates! Rebates!

Depending on the model of air conditioner you purchase and the changes you make to your HVAC system there could a number of provincial and municipal rebates available to cut the cost of your installations. Talk to a Phoenix Heating & Cooling representative for more information.

6. Reduce The Noise

One of the most important things when installing a new energy-efficient air conditioning system is to work with a reputable and experienced company. They’ll be able to install your units to work with the existing layout of your home and fit seamlessly with your landscaping. They’ll also ensure that things like airflow and noise are minimized as much as possible so you barely even know your unit is running.

7. Directed Cooling

When an energy-efficient air conditioning system is installed a professional HVAC technician will optimize it for complete control. This means that energy isn’t wasted cooling areas of the house that aren’t in use. They’ll help you understand how to change the settings of your air conditioner and ensure that you’re saving as much energy and money as possible with properly directed cooling.

Now that you understand the most important benefits of an energy-efficient air conditioning system it’s time to talk to a Phoenix Heating & Cooling technician about your needs. Contact Phoenix Heating & Cooling today for a free estimate and consultation to understand which air conditioning units are the right fit for your home or office: 647-243-3570.