King City
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King City Fire Prevention and Furnace Safety Tips

We need to remind King City residents how we can prepare for and prevent home fires. Since statistics show that heating systems are one of the main causes of home fires, second only to cooking equipment, it is important to be aware of furnace…
red tag

What Is A Red Tag?

If you've ever seen a product warning or a recall for one of our consumer goods in the past then you will understand what a red tag in the commercial HVAC industry is. A red tag is basically a product warning for one of your commercial gas appliances.…
Emergency Heating And Cooling Service

Quality Emergency Heating And Cooling Service In Toronto

Finding the right help in a city like this can seem like a tall order. There’s no shortage of handymen and self-proclaimed professionals waiting to offer their “help” in exchange for a few bucks under the table. This might be fine for…