Emergency Heating Repair In Toronto And The GTA

emergency heating repair

When winter rolls in, you need heat. Plain and simple. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your home’s heating and know who to call in the event of an emergency in Toronto and the GTA. Emergency heating repair services are important, so here’s our advice.

Ask The Right Questions To Choose The Right Emergency Heating Repair Service

Unless you’ve called an HVAC company before, you might soon realize just how many independent services there are in a city like Toronto and the GTA. Some might be larger organizations while others might be smaller, but how do you know which to go with? Take a look below.

Reputation – online reviews

Just like most of us today, your search for an HVAC technician might start online. The only trouble with that though, almost everyone is online these days. So don’t get overwhelmed by this. Use it to your advantage and check out their reviews on Google, Facebook or wherever you can find them. You want to skim through a few to know more about the company before you call to avoid any problems. Online reviews usually paint a pretty good picture of what the company is all about. The more they have, the better.

Experience – years in business

Just like above, an HVAC company’s experience is also important to consider before calling in for emergency heating repair. After all, do you really want someone without the right experience fiddling around with one of your home’s most important systems? Probably not. Take a look to see how many years they’ve been in business and anything less than 20 years should give you serious pause. Yes, it’s always nice to give the new guy a chance, but not in an emergency situation.

Service Area – how much of the city they cover

This last point may not look important at first glance, but it will give you a better idea of what a company is capable of before you call for emergency heating repair. Think about it. If a company serves a large portion of Toronto and the GTA, they have the resources to dispatch someone to your home quicker than a smaller independent company. Speed counts when the heat cuts out in the middle of the night and the temperatures are below freezing.

Phoenix Heating & Cooling Offers Emergency Heating Repair To Toronto And The GTA

Calling us at 647-243-3570 is the right decision because we absolutely meet the criteria above. Our Phoenix Heating & Cooling team has been helping Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years now and in that time our kind customers have left plenty of reviews online to share their experiences. Rest assured, we’ve been doing this a long time and have the resources to diagnose and correct heating issues fast.