Boiler Financing In Toronto From Phoenix Heating & Cooling

boiler financing in Toronto

Listen, we understand. Things are going along just fine. The kids are in school, work is going well and then all of a sudden there are lots of expensive things popping up. The fridge has stopped working or the dishwasher has flooded the kitchen again. Any time a home appliance needs to be replaced it can really throw a wrench into things, financially. When your boiler breaks down, it’s a larger expense because a decent boiler is what you should be buying and they aren’t as cheap as other appliances.

Boiler Financing In Toronto With Phoenix Heating & Cooling

Like we said earlier, we understand. Over the years lots of our customers encountered issues with needing a new boiler, but just couldn’t afford it at the time. We saw them scramble and stress to make ends meet and sometimes they couldn’t. We felt their pain and since we treat all of our customers as neighbours and friends we wanted to help. That’s why we started providing boiler financing in Toronto.

Now when your boiler breaks down and needs to be replaced you don’t have to worry about cashing in RRSPs early or asking family members and friends for a quick loan, how embarrassing. Phoenix Heating & Cooling has your back.

Energy-efficient systems save you money in the long-run, so don’t settle for a low-efficiency option just because it’s the cheapest. Talk to a Phoenix Heating & Cooling representative today about your boiler financing options for any make or model of boiler.

Now that you have your financing all sorted out you can focus on the installation of your new boiler. When you work with Phoenix Heating & Cooling to install a new boiler you know it’s going to be done right the first time.

Our boiler installation technicians have the experience and knowledge to properly help you choose a boiler make and model that’s right for your home. Once we know what we’re installing it will only take a short amount of time before you and your family are enjoying the high-efficiency heat of a brand new boiler.

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