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Phoenix Heating & Cooling has been providing professional furnace repair York and installation services York since for over 30 years. Whether you’re interested in a new model for efficiency, quiet, environmental reasons, or just better performance we can help. If you aren’t quite ready to part with your old model then our York furnace repair team will inspect, clean, and optimize your existing furnace.

Phoenix Heating & Cooling is a certified York and Lennox appliance and hardware dealer and over the years we have found that these great brands Provide our customers with affordable and reliable options. York and Lennox stand behind their warranties and always have replacement parts readily available, should the need arise. They’re known for efficiency and reducing their environmental impact through smart innovations with each new model.

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Did you know that the electric fan in your gas furnace (the blower motor) works all year round. It blows warm air for heating and cool air for air conditioning and can also be left running by itself to improve air circulation in your home. As a result of its frequent use, having an energy-efficient blower motor (ECM motor) in your furnace can result in huge energy and cost savings on your electric bill. Just because your furnace runs on natural gas doesn’t mean there aren’t components powered by electricity.

While there are many options when choosing a new gas furnace, York offers their High Efficiency LX Series TM9E, which is a great all-around furnace that works well in all homes. In terms of pricing it falls within the middle of the pack and is an affordable option that offers efficiency and long-term cost savings. Lennox and York also offer 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranties. Additionally, the LX Series has an energy-saving ECM blower motor. Our professional furnace technicians install lots of these units for our customers and ensure they don’t leave until everything is operating to its full potential.

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Phoenix Heating & Cooling has been providing professional furnace repair York and winter furnace maintenance services for over 30 years. Don’t wait until the temperature starts to dip into the single digits or below freezing to ensure your furnace is ready for the cold winter months. A professional winter furnace maintenance technician from Phoenix Heating & Cooling can perform annual maintenance on your home furnace to ensure all maintenance and repairs are up to date.

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Every fall the leave change colour and the weather gets colder, which is not only an indication that fall has arrived, but that it’s time to perform basic maintenance on your furnace. Whether you feel comfortable doing simple things like changing the filter yourself or not, it’s always a good idea to get a professional winter furnace maintenance technician to provide you with an assessment and recommendations.

Your furnace is a major part o the health and warmth of your home, which is why it’s important to know when it needs repairing or replacing. Just like all machines, your furnace starts to break down with age and different components begin to wear down. These worn down components aren’t always easy to recognize and if let too long can lead to a furnace breakdown in the dead of winter.

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Only a professional Furnace repair York technician from a reputable company like Phoenix Heating & Cooling can tell you when you need furnace repair or replacement services.

Changing your filter, vacuuming the duct system, and performing a few other small maintenance jobs are an easy way to ensure your furnace is running it’s best between professional furnace inspections. While this small maintenance helps it’s not enough to keep your furnace running efficiently, and when efficiency drop costs rise.

boiler repairContact a Phoenix Heating & Cooling winter furnace maintenance technician today to find out whether you need simple furnace maintenance, general furnace repairs, or a complete furnace replacement. We provide free estimates on all projects and hold our quality of work and customer service above all else.

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