This Is The Best Air Conditioner Setting

best air conditioner setting

Families fight over the television remote control as much as they fight over the best air conditioner setting. Some like it cooler than others and the discussion as to the proper setting can seem endless. This dispute isn’t always solely about comfort either, it can often be about saving money and that whoever is paying the bills gets to choose the temperature. With hotter weather people tend to adjust their thermostat accordingly, which means the energy bill will be larger, but what if you knew the perfect setting? It might be easier than you think to level the temperature in your home and also keep your energy bills in check.

The Best Air Conditioner Setting Is…

For optimal cooling and efficiency in the summer the coolest you should set your thermostat is to 78° F, which is when you’re at home and not sleeping. Programmable thermostats make it incredibly easy to ensure that your home’s temperature is automatically adjusted when you’re home and when you’re not. Here are some settings that can ensure you’re getting the most out of your air conditioner and the least out of your energy bill.

  • 78° F when you’re home
  • 85° F when you’re at work or away
  • 82° F when you’re sleeping

Obviously if you’re more tolerant to heat then you can set the temperature slightly higher than 78° F, but keep in mind that others might not be interested in letting it get too hot. Rule of thumb when it comes to temperature settings is that you’ll save 3% on your air conditioning energy costs for every degree you increase the temperature.

When adjusting your thermostat to find that happy place in and around 78° F, it’s important to change it one degree at a time. Once you’ve changed it allow your air conditioner time to completely adjust the temperature of your home so everyone can feel what the new temperature is like. The best air conditioner setting can also be accommodated with ceiling fans and other fans that can enhance the cooling effect for people who always find it hotter.

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