8 Common Air Conditioning System Problems

air conditioning system

During the recent Toronto heat wave you might have noticed that your air conditioning system was struggling to keep up with your cooling needs. It might have been running longer than necessary or actually becoming louder as the hot days wore on. It might have also broken down, leading to an emergency service call. It’s not always the fault of the air conditioning system itself, as failing to properly maintain it can result in many problems. A poorly maintained air conditioning system can also be costly as efficiency can quickly drop if it’s not cleaned and repaired as necessary. Here are 8 common problems that we see all the time with poorly maintained air conditioning systems.

8 Air Conditioning System Issues

  1. Dirty Filter: When your air conditioner’s filter is dirty or clogged it restricts airflow through your system. This can reduce efficiency and the ability to properly circulate air and cool the air in your home. Filters aren’t very expensive and are very easy to clean or change. It you haven’t done it in a while do it now, especially if you have pets as pet hair can quickly clog filters.
  2. Leaking Warm Air: You air conditioner might be working harder than it needs to because your home is poorly sealed. Check the seals around doors and windows to ensure hot air isn’t getting in and cold air isn’t escaping.
  3. Proximity to Thermostat: If your television, lamps or any other appliance or electronic device is too close to your thermostat your air conditioner might be working harder than it needs to. Things that throw heat can affect your thermostat, making it think it’s actually hotter in your home than it really is. As a result your air conditioner will run longer than necessary and see more wear and tear.
  4. Registers & Vents: Keep vents and registers clean and remove furniture and other items from blocking them. Anything that impedes airflow can negatively affect your air conditioning system.
  5. Thermostat Setting: Make sure your programmable thermostat is set properly. It should be set higher when you’re not home and at a comfortable temperature when you’re there. Every degree accounts for 3% of your energy bill.
  6. The Sun: If the sun is directly hitting your air conditioning system or your thermostat it’ll have to work harder to keep up with the added heat. Keep your blinds closed when it’s sunny and plant a tree or get a sun shade for your air conditioner.
  7. Plants & Shrubs: Plants are helpful to keep the sun off your air conditioner, but if they’re too close they can restrict airflow and cause the unit to work harder than necessary. Ensure there is enough space around your air conditioner so it can work properly.
  8. Annual Maintenance: Annuals air conditioner maintenance is important to keep things running properly and efficiently. Call a reputable and professional HVAC company like Phoenix Heating & Cooling every year to ensure your system is running well.

Overall, taking good care of your air conditioner is important. For more information or to schedule and maintenance, repair or installation appointment contact Phoenix Heating & Cooling today: 647-243-3570

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