Air Conditioning Maintenance: Protect Your Family

air conditioning maintenance

In this day and age of the do-it-yourselfer it’s not uncommon for many people to take care of a number of tasks when it comes to home renovations and maintenance, but when it comes to specialized trades like HVAC and things like air conditioning maintenance it’s important to leave it to the professionals. Air conditioning maintenance not only involves working on complex machines but also identifying what needs fixing and have the proper tools and knowledge to effectively fix it.

Air conditioning maintenance is also very necessary in order to protect your family from a breakdown or malfunction during the hot summer months. Additionally, if you have a family member that relies on your air conditioning system for filtering the air of dust, pollens, and other microscopic matter for health reasons then AC maintenance is even more important.

The Complexity of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners have always been complexly built machines, and as technology gets better to improve cooling and efficiency they’re only becoming more complex. Computerized controls and functions need to be understood in order to be properly repaired and maintained, which for the most part should only be handled by a reputable and experience HVAC professional. Most homeowners wouldn’t even know where to begin when it comes to maintenance, aside from some superficial cleaning, which in itself should be done with care.

Air Conditioning Maintenance: Cleaning

Cleaning an air conditioner isn’t like cleaning a car where you would use your garden hose and soap. When professional HVAC technicians clean your air conditioner they dismantle various components such at motors and effectively clean them out to increase their efficiency. They also focus their attention on the evaporator and condenser coils, but take great care as not to damage the coils. Special cleaners like chemical foam might also be used to ensure all components are properly cleaned.

A Basic Tune-Up

The maintenance of your air conditioner should involve a basic tune-up, which entails tightening and adjusting electrical connections, cleaning out the condensate drain line, checking any fuses, recalibrating the thermostat, and recharging the refrigerant where applicable. These aren’t tasks that a homeowner should try to do, but rather should be performed by an educated and experienced HVAC technician.

Air conditioning maintenance might sound like a simple task, but overall it’s very specialized and should be handled by a professional. Protect your family from breakdowns this summer with a professional air conditioning maintenance appointment from Phoenix Heating & Cooling. For more information about maintenance services or to book an appointment contact Phoenix Heating & Cooling today: 647-243-3570 . Phoenix Heating & Cooling has been providing HVAC maintenance and installation services in Toronto, York Region and the rest of the GTA for over 30 years.