Do You Need An Air Conditioner Cover?

air conditioner cover

Over the years, every fall or winter, you have thought to yourself, “Do I need an air conditioner cover?” the short answer is no, but there are instances where you should.

You Don’t Need An Air Conditioner Cover

While some air conditioners might come with a cover and some manufacturers will say it’s a good idea to cover it, it’s not essential and actually there are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t.

  • Rodents: There are few reasons any person would want rodents in or around their home, but if you cover your air conditioner you’re basically inviting them in. A cover creates an easy shelter for rodents, who basically have the ability to get into anything, so don’t think they won’t find a way into your air conditioner. Rodents nesting in your air conditioner under your air conditioner cover all winter will certainly create a huge mess. Rodents also like to chew on wires and if they’re living in your air conditioner there’s also a good chance they’ll be feasting on your ac unit’s wiring.
  • Mold and Moisture: Few things are worse for mechanical equipment than moisture. A cover will not prevent moisture, dirt and debris from getting into your air conditioner. In the winter when it’s dry and cold out moisture is not a problem. In the spring when it’s warming up and wet all the time, keeping the top of the unit covered traps moisture in. Now that heat is being added to the environment it’s the perfect scenario for mold growth. This can be especially bad if you don’t remove the cover fairly early.

When You Need to Cover Your AC?

There are a few times when AC covers are useful. If you’re expecting a really big storm with snow and ice or blizzard with high winds, an air conditioner cover will protect from the elements the delicate condenser coils outside. The same reasoning can be applied to other types of weather like hail, which can do damage to delicate components and result in the need for repairs.

Your air conditioner is a big investment and ensuring that it runs well for a long time makes good financial sense, so it’s good to protect it. However, in most cases you don’t need to cover it during the fall and winter months. For more information about air conditioner covers or to schedule a fall air conditioning unit maintenance appointment contact Phoenix Heating & Cooling today: 647-243-3570.

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