5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

benefits of ductless air conditioning

We’ve got lots of customers in Toronto and the GTA that already have ductless air conditioning systems, and they often ask us what’s so great about them. They love their units and their systems, and they know that they don’t cost much to maintain or operate, but they don’t know why. Here are some quick answers for them, and you as to what the main benefits of a ductless air conditioning system are.

Here are the top reasons why many homeowners choose to install and reinstall ductless air conditioning.

  1. Shhhhhhh… They’re Quiet – Compared to any portable or window air conditioner, you will barely notice your ductless air conditioner operating. In fact, there are several units that have noise ratings that make them virtually impossible to tell if they’re even on or not.
  2. Inverter Driven Compressors – Some ductless air conditioning units have inverter driven compressors, which means they speed up and slow down based on the demands of the system, instead of shutting off entirely like a traditional HVAC compressor. Why is this so important? It can save a lot of energy, because a lot of energy is consumed during compressor start-up.
  3. Save Energy And In Turn Money – If you purchase and install an Energy Star rated ductless air conditioning system, you can save you up to 30% off your energy costs, compared to a central air conditioning system. One big issue with central air conditioning systems is that a lot of cold air is lost through poorly sealed duct systems. Guess what? This isn’t an issue with ductless air conditioning systems because there is no duct work.
  4. Additional Heating & Cooling – Whether you install a ductless air conditioning system or a ductless heat pump, you benefit. Even if your home has central air conditioning a ductless air conditioner can save you money because you only have to cool the space you’re using, not your entire home. Alternatively, a heat pump allows you to fully heat only the spaces your using in your home rather than always heating your entire home. Both allow you to supplement your cooling or heating without adding any ductwork to your house, which means they’re a much cheaper option for additions or spaces that don’t get enough heating or cooling.
  5. Individual Room Temperature Control – Some like it warm and some like it cool, and if you’ve got a ductless air conditioner you have more power over the temperature of individual rooms in your home. Realistically, there is no limit to the number of heating and cooling zones you can have with ductless air conditioning systems.

Overall, ductless air conditioning is a great option for any home, especially those without ductwork. For more information about installing or maintaining ductless air conditioners or heat pumps contact Phoenix Heating & Cooling Toronto today: 647-243-3570.